The Chaix Law firm exclusively represents homeowners and associations with construction defects. Since our practice has focused in this area of law for 25 years, we know every turn and have come across every scenario. It’s all we do, which is why we can offer more than just repairs to your home. We help protect and grow your investment. We realize that the process is intimidating and the road seems endless, however, we are guided by four beliefs to define your case and achieve the best results.

Believe in Communication

During your case, we are in the unique position of contact between you and all the players involved – from developers, general contractors, defense attorneys, judges, arbitrators, experts, insurance carriers and lenders. With so many people involved, there are always questions. Everybody needs to know what’s happening at all times, especially you. That’s why we have policies and procedures in place to ensure smooth, consistent communication. We take care of all aspects of communication so that the last decision our clients make is hiring our firm.

Believe in Experience

With over 24 years in practice, our experience means better results – achieved faster and with less hassle. We have learned what works and what doesn’t. We use only the best experts to present your case. In mediation, we anticipate all scenarios so there are no surprises. In trial, we have the proven track record in trial skills and supporting technology to win. In the end, this experience is what defines our success.

Believe in Partnership

There is only one goal: making you, your home and your life whole again. We have the financial resources to support this goal. Chaix Law eases the burden of legal expenses upon you by structuring its fee arrangement on a contingent basis. We receive a fee only if there is a settlement or award in your case. In addition, we advance all costs associated with your case. There are no upfront costs or any out of pocket expenses until settlement is reached, ensuring that your dollars are not tied up. We are in this together, making us partners in the process and outcome. As such, we face each decision together with combined strength and knowledge. This team approach ensures that all decisions are based on what is best for your case, not on financial constraints. This gives us the winning advantage.

Believe in Focus

Our focus always remains clear: to make the process smooth and achieve the best results possible. To be most effective for our clients, we think ahead, proactively addressing needs and anticipating any curves in the road. As each case takes on a life of its own, we manage all the complexities to keep it on track. There’s no legalese, just straight talk.