A roof is one of the most important factors regarding the longevity of any structure. One of the greatest threats to the integrity of your roof is the penetration of water, in other words, leaking.  Some of the most common defects are: unsealed penetrations; missing roof tiles or shingles; improper underlayment installation; improper slope, lack of flashing, etc.

If your roof is leaking, resultant damage can occur to both the interior (drywall stains) and structural components of the home or building.  Roof leaks can cause staining to the ceiling, drywall, around the windows and even near the base boards.  When  roof leaks occur, many times the water often migrates and can appear in areas a great distance from the original opening.

In addition to staining, moisture can also rot the wood framing of a building, weakening its structural integrity.  Prolonged moisture presence can also cause the growth of mold within your walls.