Proper installation of the windows is a vital step in the waterproofing of any building.  Like all penetrations in a building, it is important that each window is sealed properly in order to repel moisture and dust, in addition to keeping the warm or cold air inside of your home.

Evidence of an improperly installed window results in window staining at the sills and ledges or on the drywall around the window. The potential damage that may be caused by a leaking window can be severe.  In addition to staining, water intrusion can lead to mold growth, or rotting of the wood surrounding the window.

Improper window flashing can cause water intrusion into the framing system and living spaces of a home.

Common window construction defects include:

  • Barrier-coated, reinforced flashing material (BCRFM) paper is missing or cut too short.
  • Mislapped building paper
  • The omission of a sealant around the window