Balconies are susceptible to damage caused by water. Poor drainage can cause water to “pond” on balconies. This can be caused by an inadequate or negative slope that does not drain water properly, or drains it toward the building. If water ponds on the balcony, it often times brings to light issues with waterproofing at the door threshold and inside the balcony itself. Standing water on balconies or decks causes premature deterioration  of the surface, which leads to water intrusion. This often causes mold to grow in the concealed areas below the deck. As a result damage often appears underneath the deck (called a soffit) in the form of water stains.

Defects in the construction of balcony surfaces are:

  • There is not enough vertical offset at the door threshold.
  • There is no waterproofing on the sides of the balcony.
  • There is an insufficient slope of the balcony surface that does not allow proper drainage.
  • There is no ridge to deflect water to the scuppers in an enclosed balcony.