Mold growth results from repeated water exposure to organic materials (drywall, wood) over time, allowing spores to multiply.  It is generally found in areas that are dark, damp, or steam filled such as the concealed areas within the walls of your home.  The bathroom and kitchen are two common areas for mold growth.  If you are experiencing a leak in your roof, deck, or window, it may create the conditions necessary for mold to grow.

When mold is present in large quantities, it can present a health hazard.  Molds produce allergens, which may cause the following symptoms: chronic cough; headaches, even migraines; rashes; tiredness; and sinus problems.  It is especially harmful to those with compromised immune systems (asthma, allergies and eczema).

Common places to look for mold:

  • Walls and ceiling cavities
  • Bathrooms, showers, and kitchens
  • Closets, crawlspaces, and attics
  • Windows