California Construction Defect Post-Claim Repairs

If you prevail in your claim, either through the pre-claim process,  negotiation, mediation, arbitration, or litigation, what can you recover as a condominium owner, high-rise owner, single-family homeowner, commercial property owner, or homeowners association?

  • The reasonable cost of repair of the construction defect or the reduction in the fair market value of the property
  • The cost of repairs for any property damage as a result of the construction defect
  • Relocation expenses necessitated as a result of the repairs
  • Storage expenses incurred as a result of the repairs
  • The cost of hiring experts to investigate the construction defects affecting the property
  • Lost income if the property was used as a principal place of business that was  licensed to be operated from the property
  • The reasonable investigative costs for each violation for which you prevailed, and
  • All additional costs or fees recoverable by contract or statute

But once there has been a successful resolution of your case, there is still much to be done. In fact, in most cases, the hardest part still lies ahead.

Post-Claim Repair Assistance

As we are probably the most knowledgeable as to what was included in the claim and what repair options were considered, we believe it greatly assists our clients to be included in the post-claim repair process.   Included in our contingency fee, Chaix Law offers post-settlement consultations to help you start the repair process. We will attend meetings with the board of directors and assemble bid packages for contractors and attend site walks. We recommend a reconstruction committee be formed to facilitate the repair process.

Soup to nuts. We see our role as guiding you through the entire process – pre-claim to post-claim repair. There are no issues in the construction defect world that we haven’t successfully handled.  From start to finish, we provide a hands-on, all-inclusive approach to advising and resolving any issue which may arise. We also handle all communications with the Homeowners Association that may come up during these cases and continue to provide advice after the claim is over during the repair process. Any time you have questions or concerns about how your repair project is being managed, we ask you to give us a call to discuss, 24/7.

Contact Chaix Law For Help With California Post-Claim Repairs

If you’re the owner of a property with construction defects, we can help you get the repairs you need! Contact Chaix Law to help protect your investment.