California Commercial Real Estate Construction Defects

Common Construction Defects In Commercial Real Estate

Buildings other than single-family housing, including office buildings, retail malls, apartment buildings, and office condominiums, are generally considered to be commercial construction.

Like all buildings, housing, or otherwise, construction defects are based on poor workmanship, the use of inferior materials, or cutting corners. Deficiencies can generally be put in one of four categories:

  • Construction deficiencies are often found when there is a failure to construct a building in a reasonably workmanlike manner or when the structure doesn’t perform as represented by the builder or intended by the purchaser.
  • Design deficiencies involve a failure to build according to a required code. An example would be where an architect doesn’t properly follow the local building code in regard to particular protections against water intrusion.
  • Material deficiencies occur when builders use products that are inferior or inadequate for the particular area or in conjunction with other products. Inferior drywall or defective waterproofing membranes are an example of material deficiencies. Design deficiencies and construction deficiencies often go hand in hand.

The stakes are often higher with commercial buildings because the price of construction is typically much higher than single-family housing and potentially more trades are involved, from architects and design consultants to structural and systems engineers to the real estate developers and builders. Working with insurance carriers is often more complicated in the commercial realm, as well, given the larger financial and legal exposure.

We Understand Commercial Real Estate Construction Defects

If you’re a commercial property owner, it’s not just you who is inconvenienced by construction defects. It’s probable you have retail tenants and commercial businesses who are seriously affected by the problem as well. And they likely have legal rights against you if their leased space is impacted.

It’s imperative, in most cases, that you move forward promptly. To help you do so, we have an extensive bench of experts – forensic architects, construction engineers, electricians, compliance specialists, and many others – to assess your case and serve as expert witnesses in the preclaim, mediation, arbitration, or litigation process. Because of our many years of experience and our strong relationships in the industry, we are often able to help you resolve your claim short of pursuing an adversarial legal process.

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