California High-Rise Construction Defect Attorney

High-Rises Defined

In the state of California, a “High-Rise Structure” is defined by the state’s Health and Safety Code, CA Health & Safety Code Sec. 13210 (2019), as “…every building of any type of construction or occupancy having floors used for human occupancy located more than 75 feet above the lowest floor level having building access, except buildings used as hospitals…”.

In urban centers, people often prefer to live in high-rises for their far-reaching views, amenities such as pools and rooftop patios, natural light, and ventilation. Many homeowners also favor owning a condominium in a high-rise because the Association takes legal responsibility for much of the exterior maintenance and repair.

Common Construction Problems In High-Rises

Unfortunately, high-rises are susceptible to a variety of construction defects such as window leaks, subsidence, drywall cracking, plumbing problems, electrical problems, ventilation and soundproofing, parking structure defects, cooling towers for Air Conditioning, and structural issues.  High-rise construction is different in many ways which often poses unique legal and technical issues. Fire codes, mechanical systems, and overall construction are more technical in high-rises.

We understand these unique construction components and are adept at evaluating these systems and retaining specialists who only analyze high-rise buildings. We have represented numerous high-rise communities and have the experience necessary to assist your community.

We’re Here 24/7 To Help You With Your Construction Defect Headaches

Having to deal with construction defects is frequently a miserable experience. We know. We’ve handled every type of construction defect imaginable. From leaking roofs to mold, from improperly hung windows to soil damage, we have forensic architects, engineers, and other experts to help prove your case.

Due to our many years in the industry, we are often able to negotiate a reasonable settlement before moving forward with a more adversarial process. Similarly, we have strong relationships with many insurance carriers and can help you obtain any insurance recoveries promptly.

To help you move forward quickly, we work on a contingency basis and front all costs. We won’t be paid until you are awarded a monetary settlement.

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