California Single-Family Homes Construction Defect Attorney

Common Construction Defects In Single-Family Housing

As with all types of housing, single-family homes are vulnerable to construction defects from a variety of factors. Unlike a condominium, a single-family detached home is the maintenance responsibility of the owner.  Although there may be common areas in the community, the vertical structure is the separate interest of the homeowner.

The rights and responsibility of the owner for both maintenance and the ability to bring a claim are outlined in the Purchase and Sale Agreement.  Most all contracts contain a complicated dispute resolution process that, if not followed, will result in the abandonment of your claim. Thus it is imperative that this document is reviewed by legal counsel.

Normally, most construction defects repeat themselves throughout the community as the same subcontractors, and material suppliers were utilized by the developer. Therefore, we survey the neighborhood to determine if any neighbors are suffering from the same problems. If so, we can possibly be joining them in one action which will garner the attention of the developer and reduce costs.

Chaix Law Has the Experience You Need To Resolve Your Claim

For over twenty-five years, Chaix Law has helped single-family homeowners resolve their construction defects issues.  From mold to drainage problems, from leaking roofs to cracked walls, we have the knowledge and experience to help you resolve your claim.

In addition, we have deep relationships throughout the construction community and are frequently able to resolve problems early in the process, before you enter into the litigation or arbitration process. We think all parties are better served if a negotiated settlement can be achieved. Negotiated settlements result in quicker resolution of problems and typically save everyone money.

Similarly, we have strong relationships with many insurance carriers and can facilitate prompt insurance recoveries when relevant to your claim.

To ease the financial burden, we generally represent our clients on a contingency basis, which means that we will only get paid if there is a recovery. In addition, we are willing to consider advancing all costs.

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